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Dear subscriber, SMSwheels as a brand shall be acquired soon for another deployment other than Bulk SMS service. This notice is to prepare our loyal customers for an impending service halt.

By 31 AUGUST 2016, we shall no more process payments to credit subscribers (online payment shall also be disabled), we shall refund anyone that pays into our account(s) after this date (August ending). 

Meanwhile the portal shall be available till 31 OCTOBER 2016 (extended to Friday, 11 NOVEMBER 2016 to allow some subscribers use up their sms units) for subscribers to harvest contact list, access message history and so on, for use on other platforms they choose to migrate to.

During this period, we shall prefer subscribers to contact us via Support Ticket at  in place of phone.

Sincerely, we apologize for the inconveniences caused you, thanks for doing business with us so far.

Team SMSwheels




1. Click Manage Phonebook

2. Search using the Lens Icon. Supply a Phone Group name as illustrated (the names will be listed)


3. Select 1000 rows per page.  A pop-up will request permission, click OK.

4. On the From date selector, choose an earlier year (e.g. year 2000) and click Filter. System will load your contacts in the group.


5. Download the contacts using any of two icons shown (download as html OR as Excel CSV).


Unit/Naira Calculator
Includes extra N50: CBN Stamp Duty
*1unit = 1SMS Policy
click for details


Generate GSM numbers

*GSM AND EMAIL DB (for e-marketing)

SMS apps

SMS applications for Desktop and Mobile (Android, iOS, and Windows phones/tablets).

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